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Broncos fans have started a petition to get Phil Simms off their TVs

Lots of people do not like Phil Simms as a broadcaster. (Like the 14,000 people who follow a Twitter account devoted to mocking his analysis.) Well, Broncos fans are particularly displeased with the CBS commentator. An online petition on called "Ban Phil Simms From Broadcasting Bronco Games" has over 18,000 signatures as of Monday evening.

Some Denver fans seem to believe Simms is biased against the Broncos because his son Chris was benched as the team's quarterback in 2009.

"Phil Simms doesn't give insight to the viewers," a fan named Scott Feiler wrote on the petition's page. "Instead he indirectly attacks the broncos organization and fans. Most likely because of personal matters possibly stemming from his son not working out when he was on the team."

"Rather than announce he gives his opinion on EVERYTHING," wrote Kaitlin Augustine, who does not understand what a color commentator is, "if you let him he probably would talk about coach Fox's underwear color is wrong."

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David Latimer's criticism came from a different angle. "I don't like his face," he wrote.

- Dan Gartland

[via Awful Announcing]