By Andy Gray
September 18, 2014

No Fun League

Devin Hester :: Getty Images

The Falcons decimated the Bucs last night by a score of 56-14 and it may have been the most lopsided game I've ever seen. The Falcons were up 35-0 before Tampa Bay made a first down. Devin Hester broke Deion Sanders' record with his 20th return (kickoff and punt) for a touchdown and the refs penalized Hester for an excessive celebration because he high-stepped into the endzone. Hester earned mucho praise on Twitter from fellow NFL players after breaking the record, while the Bucs received mucho scorn for their lackluster performance. Also worth mentioning: The Falcons mascot tackled a Bucs fan who stormed the field, Matt Ryan was hit in the eye with an errant pyrotechnic during pregame introductions and Julio Jones made the catch of the season.

Mark Jackson Really Wants You To Buy His Wife's New Single

The former Warriors coach declared that he will personally call anyone who buys Desiree Coleman Jackson’s new single STRIP. According to my research, the single costs $.99. So for less than $1, you can speak with Mark Jackson. The first thing I'd ask him about is the whole Brian Scalabrine fiasco.

Alabama Dining Hall Ready for Florida

Alabama hosts Florida this weekend and a dining hall at Alabama is getting fans ready by serving Gator-shaped loaves of bread.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Stuart from Parts Unknown STRONGLY (his caps, not mine) suggested I check out "rock climber-stone fox" Sierra Blair-Coyle. Seeing that I've never featured a rock climber or stone fox in this space, it'd be dumb to waste this opportunity. So congrats to Sierra on being today's LLOD (click here for full-size gallery).

Hippie Tom Brady was a Good Worker

The internet nearly exploded yesterday when Tom Brady shared a photo of his post-college resume for Throwback Thursday. One of Brady's previous jobs was doing manual labor at Dudlar & Sons Inc. during the summer of 1997. TMZ caught up with Dudlar & Sons owner Fred Dudlar, who said Brady "had long hair down to his shoulders" and was "the hardest worker that I've ever had. I remember my son Gunnar came in one day and said, 'That Brady kid's a worker.'" And since we're on the subject, here is the evolution of Tom Brady's hair.

Matthew Berry. The Sitcom.

ESPN fantasy guru Matthew Berry will now have a sitcom based on his life. The show, titled Fantasy Life, is an "office comedy centered on Mitch, a regular guy who lands his ultimate dream job working in the fantasy sports department at a major sports network. The show will star Kevin Connolly (a.k.a. - E from Entourage) and is slated to appear on Fox. 

From the SI Vault

Deion Sanders :: AP

There was a real touching moment last night after the Falcons-Bucs game when Deion Sanders broke down in tears while interviewing Devin Hester. Sanders held the record Hester broke and the two are obviously close. In this photo, Sanders celebrates a touchdown during a 1996 Eagles-Cowboys game. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Odds & Ends

The parents of Florida State's backup QB gave away their tickets to this weekend's game against Clemson because they didn't think their son would play. Of course, now he's starting ... Bryce Harper is the proud new owner of a personalized fireman's helmet ... Floyd Mayweather's boxing club is being investigated for unsafe fight conditions ... Not a great moment for CNN's graphics department ... Same for FoxNews ... Longsword fighting is suddenly very popular ... Former Broncos defensive back Tyrone Braxton overcame a drug addiction and earned his Masters in Social Work ... Good piece in the Washington Post about Hope Solo's charges of domestic abuse ... Alanis Morissette is now blonde ... The first person to buy the iPhone 6 dropped it on live television ... Check out Bill Clinton busting out a good joke on Twitter.

James Harden Dances

The Rockets guard attempts "The Carlton Dance" with the help of Carlton (Alfonso Ribeiro). 

Clint Dempsey Raps

The FIFA 15 cover star performs during an EA Sports launch party last night.

Six-Pack of Highlights

The best six plays from Thursday night.

Devin Hester at Miami

Highlights from Devin Hester's college days at The U.

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