By Andy Gray
October 01, 2014

The Week in Wacky Photos

It's my first day back after a short vacation and I felt like this guy when my alarm clock went off this morning. Check out more bizarre photos in our Wacky Sports Photos of the Week gallery.

Quiz: Major League Baseball or Improv Team?

The Lansing Lugnuts? The Los Angeles Thunder Theory? Take our quiz and find out which team plays baseball and which performs improv.

The Barry Sanders of Streaking

Streaking can be a risky proposition -- just ask the Ohio State student who lost his scholarship for charging the field (and getting Rock-Bottomed) during Saturday's game against Cincinnati. However, this naked dude at the Old Dominion-Middle Tennessee State contest turned in a masterful performance.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Ellen from NYC requested I show some love for Jourdan Dunn, a request I am more than happy to oblige (click here for full-size gallery) ... Tiffany Keller caught my eye when she posted this photo from the top of Runyon Canyon. Anyone who pulls off the bikini and fanny pack look deserves recognition ... As a Criminal Minds superfan, I am excited for Jennifer Love Hewitt's debut ... Playboy has a great historical (and SFW) look at the Girls of the SEC ... Vintage NFL cheerleading posters.

Hot Clicks Giveaway: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction came out on DVD/Blu Ray yesterday and I have two copies to give away. But that's not all. I also have one boxed set with all four Transformers movies on DVD/Blu Ray along with a few toys for your collection. I'll send the boxed set to the 25th person and combo packs to the 50th and 75th person who emails ( me the price of Derek Jeter's new Carnegie Deli sandwich. The answer was in A.M. Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line "Transformers."

Update (6:36 a.m.): Contest is closed. Winners will be notified. More giveaways coming soon.

Charles Barkley At Trader Joe's


There's a two-buck Chuck joke in there somewhere.

J.J. Watt: Best Son, Ever

Ned Yost Even Bunts on His Baseball Card

Odds & Ends

Titans QB Charlie Whitehurst has been named one of Nashville's Most Beautiful People ... The top five high school football stadiums in the Dallas-Fort Worth area ... Good story about the strange death of Rob Bironas ... Mike Schmidt is auctioning off a bunch of memorabilia ... The Calgary Flames are learning how to fight ... A high school cross-country coach was arrested for DUI while driving her team to a meet ... The Flyers are bringing back the Ice Girls ... The longest marriages in Hollywood ... Greg Brady (a.k.a. Barry Williams) turned 60 yesterday. He came to UMass my junior year (here's proof) and put on one of the most entertaining one-man shows I've ever seen. I was supposed to hang out with my girlfriend that night and blew her off for the performance. We didn't speak for a couple days, but in retrospect, totally worth it. 

Dirk Channels The Hoff

Like any good German citizen, Dirk loves his David Hasselhoff. (H/T Big Lead)

Steve Smith is the Best

The old man remains one of the NFL's top receivers.

Steven Adams Talks to Reporters

The Thunder center discusses his amazing mustache.

Scenes from a Dog Surfing Contest

The ‘Les Toutous Surfeurs’ took place in France on Sunday. (H/T BroBible)

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