By Extra Mustard
October 02, 2014

When Paul Pierce uploaded a picture to Instagram of him on a private jet with Al Pacino, the obvious question was, "Why?"

Thankfully, Pierce explained the whole thing in an interview with a Washington radio station Wednesday. 

“I was scheduled to go check out his show out in Vegas,” Pierce told ESPN 980, according to The Washington Post. “And it just so happens the day I was leaving, he was leaving. The show was put on by the Bellagio hotel. They invited him. I always stay at the Bellagio. So my host called me and asked me did I want to fly with Al and go to the show. And it was perfect timing."

"So me and a couple of my friends, we had a chance to get on a plane, meet him, talk to him," Pierce continued. "He’s a cool dude, down to earth dude. You wouldn’t believe how down to earth he is. Shared a couple of stories with him. He loves basketball, he said he followed my career out in Boston and everywhere. So it was fun."

Well there you have it. Pierce and Pacino are not shooting a buddy cop movie. At least not yet. 

- Dan Gartland

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