By Andy Gray
October 06, 2014

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Ben Affleck: Sports Fan

I saw Gone Girl over the weekend and thought it was fantastic (largely, but not entirely, because of Emily Ratajkowski). I didn't even notice the two seconds Ben Affleck wore a Mets cap, which was a major story late last week. In honor of Boston's second favorite actor (I'm a Matt Damon guy), I present this gallery of Ben Affleck and Sports.

New Feud Alert: Mario Lopez vs. Tiger Woods

Mario Lopez is not a Tiger Woods fan. In his new autobiography, the artist formally known as A.C. Slater describes an event he attended with Woods in which he asked the pro golfer to pose for a photo. Woods denied the request and offered a handshake instead. This did not go over well with Lopez, who said of the incident, "I was steamed. Why was a handshake preferable to a photo? Did he think we were going to make copies of his likeness for profit? ... That was sort of a textbook ‘how not to be gracious.'"

The Never-Ending Wedding

The Giants and Nationals played the longest postseason game in MLB history and nobody was more affected than the players fans in attendance this random bride and groom (who happen to be huge Giants fans). The two vowed not to cut their wedding cake until the game ended, which, unfortunately for them, took six hours and 23 minutes. But there's a happy ending: The Giants won the game. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Chelsea Salmon hung out with Eddie Vedder over the weekend, and according to the Hot Clicks Bylaws, that is immediate grounds for LLOD status (click here for full-size gallery) ... Merethe Hopland stopped by the SI office for a 2015 Swimsuit Casting Call ... Jessica Lowndes continues to be sexy ... Bryana Holly looks good in lingerie ... I forgot to get a Monday Night Football prediction from Anastasia Ashley, so pretend she's holding up a "Seahawks over Redskins" sign in this pic.

World's Priciest Hot Dog

The Hawks' New Court Design

Usain Bolt Enjoys Oktoberfest

Odds & Ends

Xavier basketball coach Chris Mack lost a bet and must use Bill Belichick as his Twitter avatar for the next week ... The best football GIFs and Vines from the weekend ... The Royals celebrated their ALCS victory by partying with fans late into the night ... A list of good fantasy basketball team names for the upcoming season ... Love and hate were in the air at Saturday's Ole Miss-Alabama game ... Someone needs to keep Marcus Vick off Twitter ... Northwestern will wear these goth-inspired uniforms for its Oct. 18 homecoming game against Nebraska ... Jon Kitna is now coaching high school in Tacoma, Wash., and his team squeaked out a 91-0 victory on Friday ... 20 bold predictions for the 2014-15 NHL season ... The best NFL photos from the first month of the season.

Pride of Canada

Mark Donnelly, who sings the Canadian National Anthem before every Canucks game, wipes out while singing at a British Columbia Hockey League game.

Pie to the Face

Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick stopped by the SI office and threw pies in the faces of several staff members and one swimsuit model (Kate Bock). I worked from home that day and was spared the mess.

Dating Advice From Hannah Ferguson

Everyone's favorite Marine sniper's daughter on the do's and don'ts of dating.

Music Video of the Day

Rumors are circulating that The Black Crowes may be done as a band.  I hope this isn't true. In the meantime, here's one of their best songs, Appaloosa. 

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