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Giants' Madison Bumgarner drinks 5 beers at once

After watching the San Francisco Giants win their Divisional Series over the Washington Nationals, pitcher Madison Bumgarner drank five beers at one time.  

After taking on four beers at once following his dominant start in the San Francisco Giants Wild-Card win over the Pittsburgh Pirates, Madison Bumgarner stepped his celebration game up a notch after watching his team win it Divisional Series over the Washington Nationals Tuesday night.

The logistics of a five-beer celebration are exponentially higher than its four-beer counterpart, but Bumgarner manages to handle it with aplomb.

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Bumgarner seems to get a little more in his mouth now that he is more experienced with the multi-beer chug.

Giants fans and breweries everywhere are waiting to see just what Bumgarner has in store for a celebration if San Francisco manages to go all the way to the World Series.

Brendan Maloy