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Man with Patriots tattoo covering his entire head makes for great mug shot

new england patriots helmet head tattoo

Victor Thompson, like most New Hampshire natives, is a New England Patriots fan. But what makes Thompson's love of the Pats unique is that he has a tattoo of a Patriots helmet covering the majority of his head. 

Thompson was arrested in Florida last month for possession of synthetic marijuana, which is when the above set of tremendous booking photos were taken.

The attention to detail is remarkable. Thompson even has the helmet manufacturer's name on his forehead and the little green sticker on the back which indicates his skull-helmet is equipped with a radio. Does he play quarterback or middle linebacker?

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According to WMUR, Thompson got the tattoo after the Patriots completed their undefeated regular season in 2007. Of course, they lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl, which must have made for an awkward offseason. 

In 2012, before the New England-New York Super Bowl rematch, Thompson did an interview with Deadspin while in jail for another offense. In it he says he thinks Aaron Hernandez was the Patriot most likely to get a tattoo on his head. If Thompson gets transferred to a jail in Massachusetts they can compare their tats.

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- Dan Gartland