The people of Buffalo, New York are not happy with the new mosaic in the floor of the town's Lululemon store which recalls two of their most painful sports memories.

By Extra Mustard
October 16, 2014

Buffalo residents are not happy with the new mosaic in the floor of the town's Lululemon store, which recalls two of the city's most painful sports memories.

The new store art reads "Wide Right, No Goal," phrases used to describe, respectively, Scott Norwood's missed Super Bowl field goal attempt and Dallas Stars forward Brett Hull's controversial game winner in the 1999 Stanley Cup against the Sabres. Shoppers, understandably, are not looking to be reminded of these losses while buying yoga pants.

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The store's Twitter account is trying to calm the storm by explaining the intent of the mosaic.

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It seems Lululemon's explanation does have some validity, as For The Win reports that many Buffalo denizens have bumper stickers with the phrases on their cars.

Perhaps the store should consider replacing it with a mosaic of Jon Bon Jovi, since he is pretty popular around town.

Brendan Maloy


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