By Andy Gray
October 21, 2014

Scenes from the World Series

World Series :: Robert Beck/SI

Madison Bumgarner (surprise, surprise) pitched a gem as the Giants rolled to a 7-1 victory in Game 1 of the World Series. Most of the excitement, however, took place off the field and before the game began. The public  libraries of San Francisco and Kansas City got into a Twitter spat while the wife of Royals reliever Wade Davis gave her waiter a ticket to the game as a tip. Tom Brady took to Facebook to proclaim his love for the Giants while a Kansas City fan wore an enormous pair of moose antlers to the game. The antlers didn't distract KC rapper Tech N9ne, who paid $6,000 for his front-row tickets. Harold Reynolds accidentally referred to Venezuela as an island, which immediately made him the butt of many Twitter jokes. Speaking of Twitter, female fans of The Mindy Project were not happy to see their favorite show bumped for the game and vented on social media. I think that covers it all. 

Dwyane Wade vs. 90-Year-Old Woman

I've despised Dwyane Wade since he dislocated Rajon Rondo's elbow in the 2011 playoffs in one of the more underrated dirty plays of the last decade. My hatred is officially over, however, after the Heat guard accepted the 1-on-1 challenge of a 90-year-old Heat fan who refers to herself as Grandma Nelly and is all kinds of awesome. Bonus points to Wade for his dig at Mario Chalmers.

Speaking of Heated 1-on-1 Games

Injured Pacers guard Paul George took on his dog. 

Lovely Lady of the Day

John from Parts Unknown (that's what I say when they don't leave a hometown in the email) wrote in and said, "Hey Andy, just a thought.  We haven’t seen Lucy Pinder as LLOD in awhile." Great thought. Let's rectify that now (click here for full-size gallery).

Commissioner Boomer

Boomer Esiason has been named Commissioner of the Feline Football League. Congrats Boomer!

Hockey Players are the Best

LeBron Now Has a Spot Inside the Ohio State Locker Room

From the SI Vault


Ichiro turned 41 today. The Japanese born baseball legend has 2,831 career hits in his 14 seasons playing in the States. Before that, he had accumulated 1,278 hits playing pro ball in Japan. So in conclusion, Ichiro can hit. Before all that, however, he was another little leaguer with his own baseball card. For more classic sports photos, visit the SI Vault on Twitter.

Various & Sundry

An English soccer club is using confiscated marijuana lights to grow grass (the kind you play soccer on) ... Phil Jackson agreed with Flea's assessment that the ESPN article on Kobe Bryant is "absolute garbage and a blatant irresponsible attack" ... Arkansas State attempted a fake punt during last night's game against Louisiana-Lafayette and it was ugly ... The NBA put the kibosh on the T-shirts created by German team Alba Berlin to celebrate its victory over the Spurs ... Kevin Durant has been "riding dirty" in his injury cart ... Suns guard Isaiah Thomas buried a buzzer-beater and stared down Floyd Mayweather afterwards ... Law & Order: SVU will base a November episode on all the domestic violence in sports incidents ... Waffle tacos are now a thing ... Alfonso Ribeiro suffered a groin injury performing The Carlton Dance on Dancing With the Stars.

Beverly Hills, 90210 (Timberwolves remix)

One of the greatest theme songs in television history gets remade with this year's Timberwolves squad. This is genius.

Peyton Manning Highlights: The Oyo Edition

Our friends at Oyo Sports recreated some of Peyton Manning's most memorable touchdowns.

Six Pack of Highlights

The best action from Tuesday night in sports.

Willis Reed vs. Entire Lakers Team

Michael Rapaport's 30 for 30 doc When the Garden Was Eden debuted last night and included this footage of Willis Reed in 1966 fighting against the entire Lakers team. If this happened today, Twitter would break. 

Gary Payton at 2001 All-Star Game

I listened to Bill's and Jalen's NBA preview on Grantland and this video came up while discussing the Bucks. Apparantly, Gary Payton is going to serve as mentor to "Greek Freak" Giannis Antetokounmpo. I can't believe I never saw this video before. Take a minute of your life and watch it.

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