By Andy Gray
October 22, 2014

Week's Wackiest Photos

Just a wild guess but I don't think Loo Loo likes paddle boarding very much. Check out the rest of the week's wackiest pics. Just don't ask me what's going on in the second photo as I don't want to get myself fired. 

Hot Clicks Q&A

Chris Jericho stopped by the SI office last week to promote his new book and I cornered him for a quick game of word association. Time was limited but we discussed various musical acts (R.E.M, Phish, Pearl Jam) and future WWE superstars (Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper). It's a good read for all you pro wrestling fans. 

Kansas City's Hot Dog King

Move over, SungWoo Lee. My new favorite Royals fan is this guy who spent over $300 buying hot dogs for his section at Tuesday night's World Series game. 

Lovely Lady Round-Up

The 2014 South Africa Swimsuit Issue is out and Michelle Vawer (a former SI Swimsuit model) caught my eye for obvious reasons (click here for full-size gallery) ... Inga Eriksdottir is the lastest model to stop by the SI office for a 2015 Swimsuit Casting Call ... Keeley Hazell still knows her way around a tiny bikini.

Bad Idea Jeans

Should Notre Dame change its 'Fighting Irish' nickname? That's the contention of a man who launched a petition on to request "the University of Notre Dame stop using the ‘Fighting Irish’ as their mascot. This name, which degrades the Irish people as ‘drunken, fighting, vile, less-than-human brutes’, is not only an insult to a specific group of people, but common decency as a whole.” As of 2:30 p.m., the petition had one (yes, just one) signature. And in case you were wondering, this was the inspiration for the 'Bad Idea Jeans' headline.

There's a Crisis on Michigan Campus

Crisis Averted

I'm Guessing She Wants a Baby

Odds & Ends

This 1997 Esquire cover predicted the future of pro football ... Brett Favre thinks Rams QB Austin Davis can be the next Tom Brady or Kurt Warner ... The owner of the Portland Timbers got into a social media squabble with the team's most dedicated fans ... World Series Game 1 did not do well in the ratings ... This NFL map shows where your team has the most followers ... Bruce Springsteen's daughter now writes for Rolling Stone ... Google introduced a new type of email ... An actor from Goodfellas is suing The Simpsons for $250 million ... You can buy one of Apple's first computers for about $300,000 ... From toilets to exercise, what it could be like to live on Mars.

Remember the Titans (Dance)

Kelly Hall, the fiancee of Lions QB Matt Stafford, does the dance from Remember the Titans.


And this is what happens when my man is half way across the world.. Ya I've seen this movie wayyy too many times.

A video posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on

Heads Up!

ESPN sideline reporter Laura Rutledge nearly gets toppled by a marching band.


Behind the Body: Skylar Diggins

The Tulsa Shock point guard (and 2014 SI Swimsuit model) breaks down her workout and practice routine.

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