Department of Homeland Security confiscates illegal Royals panties

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With Royals mania rapidly sweeping the Great Plains, people are trying find the best way to cash in on the hysteria. For one Kansas City underwear boutique, that meant selling Royals-themed panties, until it got busted by the Feds.

Birdies Panties, in Kansas City (Missouri, not Kansas), was selling blue underwear with the Royals' "Take the crown" slogan in a design that incorporated the team's interlocking KC logo.

One of the store's owners, Peregrine Honig, told The Wichita Eaglethat she thought she was in the clear because she drew the design herself.

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Not so fast, two agents from the Department of Homeland Security came into her store, confiscated the panties and made her sign a paper saying she'd stop using the logo.

Unfortunately for female Royals fans, does not sell officially licensed underwear.

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- Dan Gartland