By Andy Gray
November 04, 2014

Walt Frazier Soundtrack

Walt Frazier :: AP

Walt "Clyde" Frazier is a man of style. Who else rode the NYC subways in the mid '70s dressed like this? Or slept in a round bed with a mirrored ceiling? Frazier is now the color commentator for the Knicks and has developed a unique and rather awesome vocabulary, which thanks to the good people at, is now a soundboard and somewhat addicting. 

History of Athletes and Porn Stars

After Michael Del Zotto's recent troubles with adult film star Lisa Ann, Complex has done a deep dive into the history of athletes dating porn stars.

Political Loser Night

In one of the best promotions I've seen this year, the Waterloo Black Hawks of the United States Hockey League are celebrating the losers of yesterday's elections. Fans who bring a piece of junk mail from a losing candidate will get a one-dollar discount on their ticket. Bringing a lawn sign from a losing candidate is worth three dollars. Candidates from the 10 Iowa counties who lost their races are entitled to free tickets. The game falls on the 14th anniversary of the controversial Bush-Gore presidential election.

Lovely Lady of the Day

The Cowboys have lost two games in a row but they do have Holly Arielle on the sideline and that counts for something (click here for full-size gallery).

Happy Anniversary (to me)

Our good friend Jimmy sent out this tweet yesterday marking his one-year anniversary at Fox, which means it's my one-year anniversary of running Hot Clicks. Just wanted to thank everyone for their support as traffic has remained steady and nobody has tried to fire me yet. As always, I want to hear from you so please email me ( any thoughts, criticism, praise, suggestions and everything in between. 

Much Ado About Nothing?

Tony Allen is in the news after he smacked a camera, causing a small injury to the cameraman, during Monday's Grizzlies-Pelicans game. The cameraman in question, Bo Bradley, tweeted after the game that it was no big deal and people should focus on the Grizzlies' victory. Others thought it was a bigger deal. The NBA fined Allen fined $15,000 for the incident. Where do you stand?

Just a Minor Slump

This Guy Spent $83.75 on One Drink From Starbucks (a new record!)

Happy Birthday, Bill Walton

Bill Walton :: John Papanek/SI

Like that photo? Here's an entire gallery of Walton's 1978 camping trip.

Odds & Ends

The Vikings old injury cart is now on Craigslist for $4,000 ... Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon announced his benching on his radio show ... The Florida Panthers lost $114,000 per day last season ... Rob Lowe is under fire from a shy bladder support group ... Judd Apatow is producing a comedy about female football fans ... Shawn Thornton was the subject of a nice tribute video upon his return to Boston as a member of the Panthers ... Nice story about MLS fans traveling eight hours on a bus together to watch the Red Bulls take on DC United ... Dion Waiters played 27 minutes last night and passed the ball just five times ... A 90-year-old Florida man faces jail time for feeding homeless people ... Tom Hanks is writing a book of short stories about his vintage typewriters.

Student Buries Halfcourt Shot. Gets Truck.

Drake student Alex Tillinghast makes a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and half-court shot to win a 2014 Ford F-150 truck at the 2014 Bulldog Madness event. 

Giants Win World Series, RBI Baseball Style

A pitch-for-pitch replay of the bottom of the ninth inning of World Series Game 7 using 1986’s RBI Baseball. (H/T SB Nation)


Kramer Loves Food

Great supercut of all the times Kramer took food from Seinfeld's fridge.


Best. Anchor. Ever.

I can't say enough good things about Dan Thorn of  WVNS-TV 59 in West Virginia for busting a move to T.I.

Bill Walton Pumps Up

Bill Walton pitches the Reebok pump in this 1991 ad.

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