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Brandon Marshall offered one of his Twitter followers $25K to fight him

Last season, when the Bears were still a decent team, Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall referred to the Lions as the Bears' "little brother." Now, with the Bears struggling and the Lions leading the division, a Detroit fan let Marshall know on Instagram that he hadn't forgotten about those comments. He also threw in a jab at Marshall's mom, because that's what people do when they're trying to be tough on the internet.

Most athletes would ignore stuff like this, but Marshall isn't like most athletes. He responded with a challenge.

The tough guy, realizing he'd be risking life and limb, or perhaps hoping Marshall would balk, asked for more money. Marshall's got plenty of money, so he called the raise...

...and asked him to apologize to his mom.

The fan didn't respond, so Marshall asked him again.

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Finally Marshall got an answer. The fan told Marshall he'd do it if the Bears won three more games, then he made his account private. 

brandon marshall twitter
brandon marshalll tweet

Three more wins? That's pretty much admitting to backing out. The Bears just lost two games by a combined 69 points. This fight is not happening.

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- Dan Gartland