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Georgia running back Todd Gurley is back in action, and that has Bulldogs fans singing with excitement.

By Extra Mustard
November 13, 2014

"We're bringing Gurley back


Them Auburn Tigers look like dirty cats

Hey what's that sound that's coming down the tracks


That mean machine, the team in red and black


Take 'em to the briiiidge"

With those words, we have yet another fan-made college football music video. They're a dime-a-dozen these days, but credit Georgia fans for seizing the moment to celebrate Todd Gurley's return.

The Bulldogs' star running back was a Heisman Trophy contender until he was suspended four games on Oct. 9 for accepting money for autographs. Georgia plays No. 9 Auburn on Saturday in Gurley's first game back, and if that wasn't enough ammunition to pump up Bulldogs fans, they now have the latest video from "Momma Pop."


Quality work overall. The video is short at just 1:18, which is actually probably a positive since these fan videos can tire quickly. Head coach Mark Richt makes an appearance, and "Gurley, Gurley, I'm a Gurley girl and surely he's the greatest college player in the world" is pretty catchy.

The dance moves and production quality are a little lacking, though, and that's what probably celebrates this fan video from some of the greats, such as Supwitchugirl's "I Love My Ducks (Return of the Quack)" from 2010.

Momma Pop has a YouTube channel with even more Georgia-themed hits, including "I'm A Bulldog," "Mom Raps About the Georgia Bulldogs" and "Bam Smash Smash - A Georgia Joint."

- Mike Fiammetta

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