By Extra Mustard
November 14, 2014

Today in Famous People at Sporting Events we have Miley Cyrus at Thursday night's USC-Cal football game.

The game wasn't as close as the 38-30 score would make it seem. USC led 31-2 at one point in the second quarter, so it's understandable if Miley wasn't exactly paying rapt attention.

• Aaron Craft sang 'Party in the USA' in a bear costume to Warriors fans

At one point, a fan's camera caught the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana making out with her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Yes, for those wondering, he is the son of Arnold and Maria Shriver. 

She might not have been paying attention as the Trojans blew another fourth-quarter lead, but hey, she was there, at least. With full USC gear on.

Cal runs bizarre fake punt, with no success​ 

Jack Jorgensen

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