Nick Leimbach
By Extra Mustard
November 19, 2014

Soccer fans really love their team's kits. Some of them love them so much, they design them for teams that don’t even exist.

Such is the case of Nick Leimbach, who has created 102 different soccer jerseys for the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

He’s created home and away jerseys for each of the states and D.C., ranging from traditionally tasteful to some more exotic looks, such as Idaho. 

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Leimbach’s Maryland home jersey managed to include the yellow and black checkerboard of the state's flag without being as gaudy as the University of Maryland’s football uniforms

Louisiana’s road jersey has some nice color gradients.

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New Mexico’s jerseys are a nice nod to the Land of Enchantment design on the home jerseys and a sort of (crystal?) blue look for the road version.

And, well, the uniform number depicting the order in which the states joined the union? It’s that sort of small detail that just puts the cherry on top.

- Phil Watson

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