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By Extra Mustard
November 20, 2014

Even before last Saturday, things were not going well for Swiss soccer club FC Grenchen. The team was dead last in Switzerland's fourth division with only 10 goals in 14 games. So when the team lost 10-0 on Saturday, the club's director fired all 11 players who started the match.

"It sounds brutal, but these players are not good enough for this league," sporting director Renato Brun told AZ Solothurn

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Some players said they were less upset with the fact that they were let go than they were with how the decision was announced. "We were merely placed on a public list," Dedaj Dugagjin told AZ Solothurn. "This is completely ridiculous and borders on character assassination."

It seems sort of counterintuitive to cut your entire starting lineup after being blown out. Are the backups going to turn things around?

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- Dan Gartland

[via ESPNFC]

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