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Watch: Raiders linebackers celebrate in backfield as Chiefs snap ball

It had been 368 days since the Raiders last won a football game, so you can understand why Oakland would want to celebrate whenever possible.

But what linebackers Sio Moore and Khalil Mack did in the waning moments of Thursday night's game vs. the Chiefs took it too far.

After tackling quarterback Alex Smith, Moore and Mack celebrated 15 yards down the field, seemingly unaware that Kansas City was trying to run another play. If not for a heads-up timeout called by veteran Justin Tuck, the Chiefs would have had the easiest and most amusing five yards of the night.

Thanks to a stout defensive effort on the Chiefs' final drive, the Raiders staved off Kansas City for their first win of the 2014 season (1-10). The Chiefs, who had won five consecutive games coming into Thursday, fell to 7-4.