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Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks: Wacky Sports Photos

Hey guys, Pete Blackburn stepping in for today's P.M. Hot Clicks while Andy takes his dog Larry to the vet. (Frankly, I think he should get more days off just for having a dog named Larry.) If you want, you can find me on Twitter, where I frequently enjoy gushing over hockey, sports uniforms and the greatest sitcom on TV. Programming Note: For those wondering, there will be two editions of Hot Clicks Wednesday, then one edition on Thanksgiving and Friday.

This Week in Wacky Sports Photos


A selfie-taking Sylvester Stalone, a semi-confused Anthony Davis and the lovable John Madden take star turns in this week's version of Wacky Sports photos. Enjoy. (Click here for the full size gallery.)

This Little Piggy Is Now Single

After nearly blowing off his finger with an accidental gunshot wound last month, Jose Canseco is now back on the market thanks to a recent split with his fiancé, Leila Knight. The model was reportedly the one to break off the engagement, and apparently Jose didn't take the news too well. ​

Marcus Vick Can't Even Defend His Brother Anymore

The New York Jets were absolutely embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills Monday night and even Michael Vick's brother, Marcus, couldn't bring himself to make excuses for the Jets quarterback.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Channing Tatum's lovely wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, is an actress and a dancer, and she also happens to be very qualified to be today's LLOD. (Click here for full-sized gallery)

Time Well Spent

Ohio State students and fans are covering every 'M' on campus in anticipation of this weekend's rivalry game against the Michigan Wolverines. It beats studying, I guess.​

Points For Honesty

​Marc-Andre Fleury earned his 300th career win with last night with the Penguins' overtime win over the Boston Bruins. After the game, Evgeni Malkin joked about being surprised with his teammate's success in net. Maybe Malkin is just practicing his quotes for the playoffs.

An Insane (And Unexpected) Poster

​Wyoming's Jason McManamen threw down one of the most unexpected posterizations we've seen this basketball season, prompting just about everybody who witnessed it to absolutely lose their minds.

The Panda Switches Coasts

The Boston Red Sox unveiled one of their two big recent free agent signings at Fenway Park on Tuesday afternoon, formally welcoming Pablo Sandoval. The third baseman decided to spurn the Giants and ink a five-year deal with the Sox, who thanked him with a ceremony that included...what else...a Panda mascot.​

Odds and Ends

​The good, bad & ugly from Week 12 of the NFL ... JJ Watt bought lunch for Houston police & firefighters on Tuesday...Sony has become the latest company to drop its FIFA sponsorship ... Meet the 14-year old who has out-scooped the baseball media on some of the biggest signings this offseason ... Former NFL QB Tyler Thigpen got a DUI after passing out in a Wendy's drive-thru ... If you get a giant tattoo of The Rock's face, he will post the photo on his Instagram ... A high school safety did his best Odell Beckham to come up with a sick interception ... Blues goalie Brian Elliot freaked us all out by posting a picture of his broken cup. ... There's a WNBA player who eats skittles and bacon as a pregame meal.

Rock Flag And...

A bald eagle with a GoPro strapped to it flew into NRG Stadium before last weekend's Texans-Bengals game. 'Merica.

Jurassic World Trailer

Universal has blessed us with the full-length trailer for Jurassic World -- starring Chris Pratt -- a few days early.

This Week's Edition of SI's Award-Winning Underdog Series

Tiny Dog Racing Video of the Day

Some people may call this dog a cheater, but all I see is a winner.

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