New Rome Braves logo looks exactly like Marvin the Martian

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The Rome Braves, the Class-A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves, recently decided to debut an alternate logo for their uniforms. But, on first sight, baseball might not be the first thing to come to mind. 

Instead, you might be prompted to exclaim "oh my word, they patterned the logo after Marvin the Martian."

It's possible the Rome Braves were just trying to imitate the design of Roman Legionnaires' helmets, but if they were to deny that their new logo draws some inspiration from the famous Warner Bros. character, that might be hard to believe.

Sports teams have patterned some of their logos around famous characters before, but this logo appears just as if Marvin's face was replaced with a baseball.

Hopefully that's the only similarity, because the Rome Braves would likely struggle to compete both on the field and deal with the mischievous hijinks of Bugs Bunny.

Jack Jorgensen