By Extra Mustard
December 05, 2014

Last week we announced an Extra Mustard giveaway courtesy of our friends at WWE 2K15 featuring a real piece of wrestling history - Sting's baseball bat, signed by the wrestler himself. To enter, readers submitted their dream Sting matchup: who would his opponent be, and how would the matchup go down? After reading through an overwhelming number of responses, we're happy to announce the winner - Mr. Anthony Brown of Calais, Maine!

You can read more responses from fans here, but this is the winning scenario from Anthony Brown:

Shawn Michaels comes out on the Monday Night Raw before the Royal Rumble and says he has exciting news. He announces the debut of Sting at that Sunday's Royal Rumble, and says that as Sting's friend, he would love to manage him as he wins his debut match, and goes on to Wrestlemania 31 to challenge the champion. The lights go out, and as they come back on, Sting is standing in the ring, shaking Shawn Michaels hand. They talk for a bit, when Sting says to Shawn that he's never needed a manager before, and doesn't need one now. Shawn goes on to say that he is someone who is better on Stings side, not against him. Sting says thanks, but no thanks, and the show ends with a cliffhanger.

Royal Rumble- The Rumble comes and we are down to Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and John Cena in the match when the clock appears to countdown number thirty; Suddenly the Scorpion logo appears on the screen and here comes Sting from the rafters with his baseball bat. He starts taking down Roman, Seth, and John when the lights go out again. As they come on, Shawn Michaels slides in the ring, waits for Sting to turn around, and hits him with a perfect Sweet Chin Music , then throws him out of the ring. Shawn picks up a microphone and yells "see you at Mania you son of a bitch" as loud as his Texan voice can. Over the next two months until Mania, both Shawn and Sting play headgames with each other, with Shawn attacking Stings brother (don't know if he really has one, but go with it) and Sting beating Triple H to a bloody pulp with his black baseball bat. They never touch each other though, as Vince already bent the rules to let Shawn wrestle one more time, he said that if either men touch each other, they are both released immediately.

Wrestlemania- The big night arrives, and this match is the main event of the night. Their is already a huge atmosphere surrounding the night, as Undertaker beats Bray Wyatt in a Hell in a Cell match, and Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar to become champion, only to lose the title to Money in the Bank holder Seth Rollins immediately after. Shawn comes out to his usual Boy Toy music, when the lights go out, and Metallica's Seek and Destroy blares; revealing they are actually playing Sting out live, and he walks down the aisle in his classic attire, then the match starts.

They both start in a classic test of strength, before breaking away. The match has a high-pace for about twenty minutes, before the referee gets knocked down. Triple H comes down, and hands Shawn a sledgehammer, saying "do it Shawn, be a man" as Shawn hits Sting in the back and face with the hammer. The ref is revived and does a slow count;


Sting stands up in the corner, groggy as ever, when Shawn runs at him. Sting avoids the attack, and quickly hits a Scorpion Death Drop. Another two count gets the crowd anxious for the finish.

As Triple H distracts Sting, Shawn starts tuning up the band, and as he looks to connect just as he did at the Royal Rumble two months earlier, Sting catches his foot, throws him down and puts on the Scorpion Death Lock. After two minutes of grueling agony, Shawn taps out, as confetti falls down covering Sting, and covering Shawns lifeless body. Thus ending Stings only actual WWE match.


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