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By Extra Mustard
December 17, 2014

Purdue sophomore forward Basil Smotherman is pretty talented on the court for the Boilermakers, but like a lot of other athletes, he has other talents as well that he likes to show off. In Smotherman's case, he likes to bake cakes. 

Even if he's not really all that good at it. 

Smotherman recently appeared on a cooking show where he wanted to show everyone that he could use his cooking skills to get in the holiday spirit by putting together a snowman cake. Only problem was, well, it didn't really turn out like he would have hoped. 

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Basil, who averages 11.6 minutes per game, definitely gets an A for effort here, but he's not going to get his own show on the Food Network anytime soon, that's for sure. 

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