Carmelo Anthony's stats, sorted by postgame hat choice

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The Knicks are a disaster this season. Any attempt at meaningful analysis of their games is a worthless endeavor. What WFUV's Kenny Ducey did is much more worthwhile.

Ducey broke down Melo's stats by the hat he wore after each game. This is important work.

melo hat stats

The number of games adds up to 25, despite the fact Anthony has played 24 games. Ducey explains that one of the hats was both brown and made of leather, so it's counted twice. 

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When Melo doesn't wear a hat, he's a good rebounder but a bad three-point shooter. Of the ten different hat possibilities, all five of the Knicks wins have come on nights where Melo wears either the black top hat or the blue hat. 

It's obvious the key to New York's season isn't Derek Fisher or Phil Jackson, it's Melo's haberdasher. 

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- Dan Gartland