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Eagles special teams coach warned team opening kickoff would be short.  

By Extra Mustard
December 18, 2014

Last weekend's game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys got off to a peculiar start when the Cowboys recovered their own short opening kickoff, leaving the Eagles kickoff unit looking dumbfounded.

Some observers spared the Eagles the usual criticism for turnovers because an opening kickoff that falls short is a rare sight. 

But here's the thing: the Eagles' recover unit should have expected it because, well, special teams coordinator Dave Fipp told them that it might be coming. 

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Yes, check out the vine below in which you can hear the coach telling the Eagles kickoff return unit to watch for something short. 

Most teams have a designated "hands" team that handles kickoffs and onside kicks. Maybe the Eagles need an "ears" team, as well.

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