By Andy Gray
December 18, 2014

SI's Best Portraits of 1999

I spend much of my time searching the SI Vault and portraits are my favorite style of photo. Since it's Throwback Thursday, I decided to pick a random year (1999, in this case) and find the best portraits I could. My three favorites are Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James at the tailor, Gary Payton looking suave at the pool table and LaVar Arrington holding a cardboard cutout of Joe Paterno.

Tommy Lasorda Can Still Party

Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda attended a holiday party in Santa Monica last week and partied like a rock star. And because it's 2014, people took a bunch of photos of said party. Thankfully, he didn't have to give blood.

Putt-Putt Shootout

An 80-year-old man in Mason County, Wash. shot and killed his friend after the two got into a fight while playing putt-putt golf.

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day

Interesting Hot Clicks fact: I receive more email requests for Throwback LLODs (which I do once a week) than regular LLODs (which I do nine times a week). Not sure what to make of that but felt it was worth sharing. Anyhow, Claudia Schiffer gets this week's honors (click here for full-size gallery). 

MLB Stadiums on Yelp

Just about everything is reviewed on Yelp these days and MLB Stadiums are no exception. A user on Reddit compiled one-star reviews of 27 baseball stadiums, with reasons for the low grade ranging from a crooked outfield wall (Citi Field) to french fries being half-black (Camden Yards). 

When All Else Fails ...

A frustrated Eagles fan took matters into his own hand by posting an ad on Craig's List looking for a new quarterback and secondary help. The ad was posted to Craig's List Philly earlier this week and starts with a simple message: "We are a great football team with an elite Special Teams, Offensive unit and plan, and Defensive Front 7, but our Secondary just isn’t able to help us close the deal. Can you play Safety or Cornerback?"

Concession Food Item of the Week

Brian Billick > Twitter Troll

The Bruce Arians Christmas Tree

NFL's Best Running Backs (5-foot-10 and under)

NFL's Best Wide Receivers (5-foot-10 and under)

Odds & Ends

J.R. Smith is hiding Christmas presents all over New York ... North Korea has some crazy rules for their version of basketball ... Rex Ryan cracked some great jokes about Tom Brady's pottymouth ... The worst 'Roughing the Passer' penalties of 2014 ... Chris Mortenson added Tim Tebow to his fantasy team ... Every NBA teams chances of winning the NBA title by 2019 ... This poor Jets fan used his family's Christmas card to unleash some hatred toward John Izdik ... Michael Jordan's game-worn Adidas sneakers from UNC sold at auction for $33,387 ... Congrats to Setsu-Chan the Cat on winning "Ugliest Sleeping Faces in Japan" ... Kiefer Sutherland doesn't think there will be another 24 (of any kind) ... Top 10 cute animals in 2014.

Usain Bolt Goes Back to the Future

I'll pretty much post any video that combines sports and Back to the Future, but this one starring Usain Bolt is very well done.

C.M. Punk Visits SI

The former pro wrestler stopped by SINow to discuss his pro wrestling career and upcoming MMA fight.

Worst Goal Ever

Steve Moses of Jokerit scores an embarrassing goal on his own team during a KHL game against Slovan.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin at 50

The former WWE Champion turns 50 today. Here's a funny video with him and C.M. Punk.

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