The Weekend Preview: Your weekly list of things to do, eat, watch, and buy for December 19th

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It's the weekend before Christmas and all through the internet, not a creature was stirring, except for your dad, watching another episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. If you're looking for a way to escape the non-stop family fun, here are some things for you to do, eat, watch, and buy this weekend. Or, if you’d rather curl up and watch College Bowl Games all weekend, we feel ya. Here’s the complete schedule so you can plan accordingly.

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. Ugly Sweater Run

Saturday | New York, NY

Head to Citi Field this Saturday in your most barf-worthy Christmas attire for this charity 5K benefiting Save The Children. The course will be lined with inflatables and photo stations, and at the end, you’ll receive hot chocolate and beer as a reward for all your hard work (no human alive has ever run 3.1 miles before!). The only thing uglier than the sweaters is the Mets’ 2014 season! *rimshot*  Not in New York? Not a problem. Head to the Ugly Sweater Run website to find the same event in your area.

. J.R. Smith’s scavenger hunt

Ongoing through Christmas | New York, NY

J.R. Smith is leaving one gift per day around the New York City area and posting clues to help you find them on his Instagram. The “#Swishmas” event started on Wednesday with a package of sports games, and the clue involved adding up some of Smith’s stats to get the correct address. So brush up on your sports stats, eat a few Scooby Snacks, and start solving these puzzles.

. Play as Isaiah Austin in NBA 2K15

2K Sports

You probably remember Isaiah Austin from this year’s NBA draft. After being diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, Austin’s basketball career was over. Now, NBA 2K15 is giving him the chance to play virtual hoops by adding him to the free-agent pool in the game’s latest roster update. You can find out more right here.

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. The Fried Seafood Sand Pail

Prudential Center | Newark, NJ

Sure it’s the middle of winter, but why leave lazy days on the beach behind you? The Fried Seafood Sand Pail from the New Jersey Devils brings a little bit of the beach to the bleachers (but don’t worry, everything is breaded so it’s not too healthy). You can find out more info, including a calorie-count, at our Concession Food Item of the Week.

. Pizza from the Bills

La Nova | Buffalo, NY

As a thank-you to the Lions for letting them use their stadium to escape the snow, the Buffalo Bills sent their hosts the greatest gift of all, free pizza. They tweeted a picture of La Nova, the “official pizza of the Buffalo Bills,” which ships pizza and wings nationally. If you think shipping pizza cross-country from Buffalo, NY, doesn’t make any sense, then take a moment to consider this: they have something called “Pizza Logs.” Where else are you going to get those?

. Lakers Kobe cake

Grocery stores

Hopefully you’ll look more excited than Kobe did when you’re presented with a relatively average grocery-store cake. Perfect for accomplishments big (like breaking MJ’s all-time points record) to small (wearing matching socks today), this completely ordinary cake will have you saying, “Yeah, that’s adequate.”

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. Anastasia Ashley's body paint video

Two average guys get a little more than they bargained for when they participated in an SI Swimsuit photo shoot with Anastasia Ashley. Sure, everyone wants to be part of a body paint shoot, but at what cost? Oh, at what cost?

. Slap Chopt featuring Hilary Knight

Still need a last-minute holiday gift for the busy chef in your life? Allow us to present the Slap Chopt! This versatile cooking device will help you chop vegetables, destroy your kitchen, and win hockey gold medals!

. Stephen Colbert’s best sports moments

The Colbert Report bid adieu to its fans in its final episode last night as host Stephen Colbert prepares to take the reigns of The Late Show in 2015. To commemorate one of the greatest newscasters of our generation, we’ve rounded up Colbert’s best sports stories for your viewing pleasure. What? We’re not tearing up a little. We’re just chopping onions.

. SI Vlog


Here’s the latest installment of SI’s vlog, where you can watch our Extra Mustard and MLB editors talk about this weekend’s headlines. We cover RGIII, Jeremy Hill’s shoe, and the MLB Network’s Social Media Awards (those are a thing?). Check it out, and subscribe to see more episodes.

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. Melo’s M11s

$160 |

Carmelo Anthony launched his new sneaker, the M11, this Monday in New York City. The Nike model comes in various colorways (though the Black/Gold is Melo’s favorite), and starts at $160. Customers can pre-order the shoe at and it will ship on January 3rd. You can find out more about the shoe and its launch over at our sneaker blog.

. Mork and Mindy: The Complete Series

$77.18 |

The University of Colorado might not be participating in this weekend’s bowl games, but they’ve got a consolation prize in the form of the most famous TV show shot on campus. The complete Mork and Mindy is now available on DVD for the first time from CBS DVD. This new box set includes 15 DVDs featuring every episode newly-restored, plus the two Happy Days episodes that ‘hatched’ the Mork character. Spend your Saturday binge-watching this instead of Bowl Games that are a constant reminder that your school’s football team isn’t very good!


You might be an adult, but let’s be real - you want to unwrap toys this year. While you might have outgrown that old Buzz Lightyear in your room (lol no you haven’t), we’ve got plenty of toys for grown-up sports lovers in our Holiday Gift Guide. Simply send this along to all your relatives so you don’t have to fake-smile while opening your 15th iTunes gift card. It's your last opportunity to send out your list before the big day, so do it right!

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