Step aside, Chris and Cliff Paul. Meet the Stocktons. 

By Extra Mustard
December 25, 2014


Step aside, Chris and Cliff Paul. Meet the Stocktons

State Farm has added another layer to its "Born to Assist" advertising campaign, which has heavily featured Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul since its inception. On Christmas Day, State Farm debuted a new ad featuring former Utah Jazz star point guard John Stockton, who has the most assists in NBA history. 

The ad introduces "Don Stockton," who is John's twin brother. Don is the Chief Assist Officer of the State Farm National Bureau of Assists, which also includes the twins of several other professional point guards. 

In the 60-second ad (above), Don arrives at Chris and Cliff Paul's home and invites them to join the National Bureau of Assists. The bureau features Sebastian Curry (Warriors guard Stephen Curry's "twin"), Summer Bird ("twin" of Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird) and Darius Lillard ("twin" of Blazers guard Damian Lillard). 

In another ad from the new campaign, Don Stockton is described as a "legend" who has "dished out more assists than anyone in history." See it below. 

- Stanley Kay

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