By Nicholas A. Smith
January 07, 2015

The Chris Christie-Jerry Jones Lovefest last Sunday was by far the most entertaining moment of the controversial Dallas Cowboys win over the Detroit Lions. It also got us to thinking about some of the other great moments that have taken place inside the hallowed grounds of an owner's box. For your viewing pleasure, we've rounded up the best of the best.

1. Roger Clemens announces his return, and Suzyn Waldman goes ballistic

Rich Pilling/Getty

Before “The Decision,” there was “The Return.” In 2007, Roger Clemens came back to baseball in the most WWE way possible. Appearing in George Steinbrenner’s owner’s box in Yankee Stadium, The Rocket announced his return during the seventh inning stretch of a game against the Seattle Mariners. The publicity stunt would go down in history thanks to New York Radio Host Suzyn Waldman losing her freaking mind while broadcasting the spectacle:

2. Mark Wahlberg denies Robert Kraft a high five

Apparently the leader of the Funky Bunch wasn’t feeling the Good Vibrations this particular Sunday. After Tom Brady threw to Rob Gronkowski for a touchdown, Patriots owner Bob Kraft was looking for some high fives in the owner’s box. Unfortunately, Marky Mark wasn’t interested. In the end, the long history of Patriots missing high fives continued.

3. Bud Adams Flips the Bird

It will live in infamy as the most expensive middle finger salute ever given. After watching his (3-6) Tennessee Titans demolish the lowly Buffalo Bills, owner Bud Adams sent quite the message to the Bills fans by waving not one, but TWO middle fingers at them. He would later repeat the gesture on the field after the game. Protector of the Shield Roger Goodell would eventually fine Adams a whopping $250,000 for the incident. That’s $125,000 per bird.

4. Cameron Diaz feeds A-Rod Popcorn

The Super Bowl: the greatest single sporting event in American Sports, and somehow Alex Rodriguez stole the show. While technically it took place in “luxury suites” and not the owner’s box, this list simply would not be complete without this legendary incident. In the first half of Super Bowl XLV, cameras cut away from the action to reveal an unsuspecting Alex Rodriguez being fed popcorn like a toddler by Cameron Diaz. Somewhere, Derek Jeter was laughing.

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