'Form a f---ing wall' has blown up, and Stan Van Gundy is bewildered

"Form a f---ing" wall has become something of a rallying cry for the Detroit Pistons, and Stan Van Gundy is perplexed.
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"Form a f---ing" wall has become something of a rallying cry for the Pistons since head coach Stan Van Gundy yelled that directive to the team near the end of Detroit's win over the Spurs on Tuesday.

The phrase has truly exploded on the Internet, even inspiring a T-shirt campaign, and the Pistons are honoring the phenomenon during their game against the Hawks on Friday.

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Just don't expect Van Gundy to appreciate, or even understand, the whole craze.

Here's the video clip that inspired the movement (unedited, just to warn you):

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It isn't the most surprising development that Van Gundy is confused by what's happened, but he probably shouldn't question it -- the Pistons have won seven straight since cutting Josh Smith and it's best not to mess with the mojo.

Ben Estes