By Extra Mustard
January 12, 2015


Only about 25 percent of soccer penalty kicks are saved by the goalie, so it makes sense the keeper might seek a little outside help.

In an Asia Cup match this weekend against Saudi Arabia, China goalie Wang Dalei was set to face a penalty kick in the second half of tied game. Before taking his spot in the goal, Dalei asked the ball boy behind the net which way he should dive. The ball boy, a 12-year-old named Stephen White, pointed to his left.

Lionel Messi wearing a very aggresive suit to Ballon d'Or Gala​

Dalei went left, and so did the shooter. The save preserved the tie and China went on to win 1-0.

Because of his stellar coaching, the Chinese team invited White to hang out at practice the next day.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Ballon d'Or with weird yell​

- Dan Gartland

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