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Drew Brees on Deflategate: Air pressure imperceptible in game

Saints quarterback Drew Brees was on Conan on Wednesday, where he was inevitably asked about the NFL topic on everyone's mind. 

Brees briefly discussed Deflategate somewhat seriously before his appearance devolved into something more absurd. 

Conan asked Brees if he can tell the difference between a ball that is properly inflated and one that is not. 

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"Throughout the course of a game, no," Brees replied. "A ball will come up and you don't even think about how it feels. You're just programmed to go through your read, throw the ball, no excuses."

Given a chance to sit and thoroughly examine some footballs, Brees was able to correctly guess their pressure levels. He wasn't quite as successful when trying to throw those balls into the crowd, though. 

- Dan Gartland