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Evander Holyfield is warning people about the dangers of road rage

Former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield is so intimidating he doesn't even have to say anything to spot a potential road rage fight. 

Holyfield stars in a new public service announcement in Georgia warning people about the dangers of road rage. 

Holyfield said he was inspired to do the spot partly because of an incident he had when he was younger. 

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"Somebody was blowing their horn and they got out and they just talked to me any kind of way, you know," Holyfield told the Associated Press. "I fought then. I wasn't heavyweight champ of the world. I was 17, but I could fight and the guy is talking all this noise. He was probably thinking I can't fight. I was a good fighter. I was an amateur champion."

You never know when guy as big as Holyfield isn't going to be as nice as Holyfield, so it's best not to challenge them to a fight. 

- Dan Gartland