Papa John's accidentally runs Seahawks victory commercial after Super Bowl XLIX.

By Extra Mustard
February 03, 2015

Papa John's ads are ubiquitous throughout the NFL season, with the company's founder and Peyton Manning showing up during seemingly every break in play. But despite its dedication to the NFL, the pizza purveyor seems to have missed the tail end of the Super Bowl.

An ad from the company congratulating the Seattle Seahawks on a second consecutive Super Bowl victory aired the day after the last-minute loss to the Patriots. Nothing like a little more publicity, even if it's bad. 

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A Papa John's spokesperson has released a statement apologizing for the mix-up.

"A mistake was made and the wrong ad ran on a cable channel yesterday. We apologize to both sets of fans for the confusion, and congratulate both teams for a game well-played.”

The Patriots victory ad which was intended to air can be seen here.

Brendan Maloy

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