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James Franklin tries to FaceTime recruit, reaches Penn State fan

Penn State head coach James Franklin tried to FaceTime a recruit on Signing Day, and it didn't go as planned.
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National Signing Day for college football head coaches is one of the more hectic days of the year, and with that, sometimes mistakes are made. Penn State head coach James Franklin learned this first hand on Wednesday. 

Early in the morning of Signing Day, Franklin wanted to reach out to defensive end prospect Shareef Miller. But Franklin took a slight wrong turn in dialing his FaceTime, so instead of getting Miller, he reached lifelong Penn State fan Aleem Medley instead. 

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"It was Coach [James] Franklin," Medley told "They had all the balloons in the background. I'm like, 'Coach?'"

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Franklin then told his side of the story. 

"I guess we were off a digit," Franklin told "This guy comes on the screen and we're trying to call Shareef Miller and I'm thinking, 'This must be Shareef's older brother or someone I haven't met yet,' and the guy's got a huge smile on his face. He goes, 'Coach Franklin!' And I'm like, 'Yeah! What's going on? Congratulations!'

"He's looking at me like I'm crazy. He goes, 'Coach, I think you've got the wrong number, but this is awesome! It's National Signing Day! Thanks for calling!'"

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Franklin also asked Medley whether or not he had any eligibility left, using that sense of humor that we all know is pretty much unbreakable. 

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