Shaq needs 12 suits for NBA All-Star weekend

Shaquille O'Neal is bringing 12 suits for four days of NBA All-Star weekend coverage. 
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The entire NBA universe descends on New York this weekend, as the 2015 All-Star Game and all its festivities arrive in the Big Apple. That includes TNT's "Inside the NBA" crew of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Ernie Johnson and the ever-lovable Shaquille O'Neal. 

Shaq knows this weekend is a big deal, so he's going to be dressing in style -- with more than enough backup. He told USA Today he's bringing 12 suits to cover the four days, and he's even got a whole formula behind it. 

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"You have to bring four suits, and then you have to bring four more and then you have to bring four more just in case," he said. "So you got bring 12 suits for four days. And you have to bring a lot of tickets to give out to a lot of fans. We just have fun."

The logic behind Shaq's "four plus four plus four" routine may be slightly flawed, but he certainly isn't wrong in thinking that the TNT guys will need extra clothing options this weekend. Because the league has produced content to cover four full days in New York, the entire country will be intimately familiar with TNT's quartet of on-air personalities.

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And while Barkley undoubtedly receives the most attention on a nightly basis, trying to keep count of how many suits Shaq has worn during the four days could be entertainment for the whole family. 

- Brad Rowland