Danny Bollinger/National Basketball Association
By SI Wire
February 12, 2015

Rajon Rondo has missed the last six games for the Dallas Mavericks with facial fractures, but that doesn’t mean the former All-Star point guard isn’t competing.

Rondo took down coach Rick Carlisle in a recent game of Connect Four, which really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Rondo is reportedly some sort of Connect Four savant, as reported by Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated in 2013.

The Celtics didn't want to change Rondo when he arrived, but they didn't want to hide him either. So at charity functions he perched behind a folding table where he could avoid the back-slapping, baby-hugging and other standard forms of celebrity fakery. He just played Connect Four, against anybody who dared, usually two grids at a time and sometimes three. "This has been going on for six years," Matt Meyersohn, the Celtics' director of community relations, said on Dec. 22 during an event at the Blue Hill Boys & Girls Club in Dorchester, Mass. "He's played hundreds of Connect Four games, maybe a thousand. And he's never lost."

Carlisle got the win, though, with a classic coach burn.

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