By Extra Mustard
February 18, 2015

Just when you thought the Alex Rodriguez situation couldn't get any more bizarre, the Wall Street Journal went and introduced pseudo-science to the equation. 

The Journal showed A-Rod's handwritten letter to a handwriting expert, who concluded, "He writes like a girl."

"Feminine writing is more rounded, with a lot of connections, which he has throughout this," certified master graphologist Paula A. Sassi continued. "And a right slant. Masculine writing tends to be more angled, straight up and down, maybe printed."

Alex Rodriguez apologizes to fans

A-Rod's penmanship also provides a window into his subconscious, Sassi said.

"The looped ‘T’s,’ like on the line where he writes ‘the Yankees,’ shows he’s very sensitive to work criticism," she explained. "This has really hit him at his heart, so to speak."

Cool. Except handwriting analysis is a widely debunked pseudo-science

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In 2005, the BBC showed graphologists doodles they said were made by Tony Blair, the British prime minister who resigned two years later because of low approval ratings. Blair's poorly formed circles showed "an inability to complete tasks," the analysts said. The only problem is the doodles weren't Blair's. They were made by Bill Gates, who is quite adept at completing tasks, like building one of the world's most successful companies. 

Still, you don't need to look very hard for evidence that A-Rod is an unusual guy


- Dan Gartland