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Ex-NBA player cut from Philippine team for insulting Manny Pacquiao

Daniel Orton was a first-round NBA draft pick in 2010 but now he's out of a job because he insulted Manny Pacquiao. 

According to the Agence France-Presse, Orton was cut by the Philippine Basketball Assocation's Purefoods Star Hotshots because he thought it was a "joke" Pacquiao plays in the league.

"Professional boxer, yeah, okay... professional basketball player, no. It's a joke," Orton said. 

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Pacquiao, the 5'6" professional boxer/politician/singer, is the player-coach for the Kia Carnival. He's not great. 


Orton was also fined 250,000 Filipino pesos ($5,650).

"Everyone is angry at him... it is like he went to the United States and insulted the name of Martin Luther King," Purefoods team governor Rene Pardo said.

Maybe pump the brakes on the MLK comparison, but people in the Philippines really love Manny Pacquiao.

- Dan Gartland