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Coco Crisp has a new iPhone game, 'Coco's Fro Patrol'

At 35, Coco Crisp is nearing the end of his major-league career, but he's got an idea what he wants to do next. 

Crisp just released an iPhone game, "Coco's Fro Patrol," and thinks he might have a future in game design. According to Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle, Crisp tried to take online computer programming classes but couldn't balance it with his baseball career. He wants to pick it up again after he retires. 

The game was Crisp's idea and was developed by MEDL Mobile and Crazy Cove. He told the Chronicle he's been knocking the idea around in his head for more than a year. 

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"As much time as I spend in the training room, I have a lot of time to think," he said.

Though he sports a shorter haircut these days, the game is based around the signature afro Crisp wore earlier in his career. The player drags a cartoon Crisp across the screen and catches baseballs with it.

fro patrol
coco's fro patrol

"Fro Patrol" is free to download on the App Store, and Crisp plans to launch the game for Android if it's popular enough. 


- Dan Gartland