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By Extra Mustard
March 03, 2015

When the Oakland Athletics signed veteran first baseman Billy Butler this offseason, there were some that saw a potential problem on the horizon. Throughout his career with the Kansas City Royals, Butler wore No. 16, and as all A's fans know, that number belonged to their own star in the making, Josh Reddick. 

Turns out there are no problems in this regard—all it took to rectify the situation was an Xbox.

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Reddick was inclined to heed baseball tradition and offered his number to Butler, and as Butler told the San Jose Mercury News, he respected Reddick's decision and worked out a swap with the Xbox.

"When I first signed here with the A's, I wasn't sure who had the number, and when I realized it was Josh, I thought I'd be looking for another number," Butler said. "But we talked, he offered it to me, and we worked out a deal.

"I really respect what he did, because he didn't have to do it."

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Again, given his love for the game, Reddick had no problem giving it up in the first place. 

"That's the way baseball is and always has been," Reddick said. "He's got the service time, so he should have the right to the number. It's not like I'm the first guy to do that."

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