Ronda Rousey shows off her judo skills, hurts interviewer

UFC star Ronda Rousey may have broken a reporter's rib while executing a judo throw that he requested. 
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UFC star Ronda Rousey was being interviewed by Aaron Tru when the reporter jokingly told her that he didn't think the former Olympic judo competitor has what it takes to throw him.

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Rousey laughs and gives the journalist what he was asking for, executing a judo throw that may very well have broken Tru's ribs.

Rousey seems equal parts amused and concerned by the reporter's trouble and does her best to keep the interview going while Tru writhes around in pain.

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If the batnamweight champion can do that much damage by accident, no wonder it only takes her 14 seconds when she is actually trying to beat someone up.

Brendan Maloy