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Jets fans are welcoming the wrong Brandon Marshall to New York on Twitter after the Bears traded the receiver to the Jets on Friday.

By Extra Mustard
March 06, 2015

On Thursday, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall had some fun with Bears fans when Chicago's receiver of the same name was the subject of the trade rumor mill.

But when the Bears reportedly actually traded their Marshall to the Jets on Friday, it led to more Twitter turmoil as fans struggled to differentiate between the handles of Marshall the receiver, @BMarshall, and the Denver linebacker, @bmarshh54. This time it was from Jets fans who were just trying to welcome their new receiver to New York, but ended up tweeting at the wrong one. 

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The Broncos' Marshall is all too used to getting tweeted by Bears fans, but now he has a whole new fan base to flood his mentions. 

The poor guy is still getting tweets from Jets fans even after his correction, but hey, at least they're nice ones. Just wait until the Jets' Marshall drops his first pass next season. - Molly Geary


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