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Matt Mesiano was sent to cover a Hemel Hempstead Town soccer match by BBC Radio when early in the first half an assistant referee injured his calf, leaving the reporter, who is also a junior league ref, as the only fill-in.

By Extra Mustard
March 09, 2015

Matt Mesiano was sent to cover a Hemel Hempstead Town soccer match by BBC Radio. He ended up serving as a referee.

Early in the first half, an assistant referee injured his calf. The reporter happens to be a certified junior league ref, leaving him as the only available replacement. 

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Mesiano switched into the ref's uniform and got an up close view of the game he was covering. He also was put in the particularly odd position of having to interview the managers after the match, although he said that Hempel boss Dean Brennan was pleased with his work, according to BBC Sport.

The reporter did admit to some nerves as he is not used to officiating in front of so many people.

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"I'm a level seven referee, which is junior county level, so I'm used to being watched by one man and his dog rather than crowds of 700-800," he said.

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