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Facebook has released it "Social Bracket," compiled by advancing the most talked-about teams on the social network through the tournament, and while there are some surprise upsets, the heavy favorite Kentucky is still selected to win it all.

By Extra Mustard
March 17, 2015

In advance of the NCAA tournament, Facebook has released a "Social Bracket," compiled by advancing the most-discussed teams on the social network.

Despite the fact that winners are chosen based on Facebook mentions and not actual skill, heavy favorite Kentucky still wins Facebook's tournament. 

NCAA Bracket 2015: Printable Bracket for March Madness

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Based on Facebook mentions, No. 10 seed Ohio State makes it all the way to the Final Four along with four-seed Louisville. No. 1 seed Villanova falls in the second round to No. 9 seed Louisiana State.

Indiana also has a Cinderella run to the Elite Eight, taking down Kansas and Notre Dame despite a down year for the storied program.

Here is a cheerleader from every March Madness school

The bracket was put together by monitoring how many mentions each of the 68 teams got on Facebook between Feb. 15 and March 14.

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