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Djokovic displayed some impressive racquet skills.

By Extra Mustard
March 23, 2015

The world's top tennis players, those like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, have exceptional reflexes. And while that's no surprise, sometimes these greats show off skills that catch the eye.

That's what happened on Sunday when Djokovic and Federer faced off in the finals of the BNP Parinas Open. 

At one point during the match, Djokovic faulted on a serve, and even though the shot was called out, it prompted an instinctual return volley from Federer. Federer's return was retrieved by Djokovic. 

If that doesn't sound too amazing, then watch exactly how Djokovic retrieved it. 

There are few people that can pull that feat off, and Djokovic is one of them. 

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Djokovic would go on to defeat Federer for the title. 

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