Liddy McClain via DNA Info

A high school goalie in Chicago was asked out to the prom immediately after helping her team win a state title. 

By Extra Mustard
March 24, 2015

Lauren Bennett got a big surprise shortly after helping the Latin School of Chicago win the state title on Sunday when she saw her best friend, Aidan McClain, in the United Center stands holding up a sign that read "Prom with you is my goal."

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Liddy McClain via DNA Info

McClain is a student at Jones College Prep and has known Bennett since the two were in second grade. He told that he is looking forward to sharing the big night with his pal.

"Bringing her to prom is so great because she's my best friend, and it's a night I'll always remember."

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Bennett will continue her career in goal next year at Nichols College, after capping off her high school campaign with a championship, which caw her make several key saves to hold off a Loyola Ramblers comeback attempt, reports.

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