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Thursday's AM Hot Clicks: Elizabeth Hurley; Bring on the Sweet 16

Thursday's AM Hot Clicks, lovely lady of the day Elizabeth Hurley

Hey, friends! Pete Blackburn here with you for this morning's edition of Hot Clicks. Andy is actually off working with Ronda Rousey today, so let's hope his experience ends a lot better than this one. As for yours truly, you can find me on the Twitter machine if you're so inclined - @PeteBlackburn.

How Sweet It Is


We made it, you guys! After a handful of days without any Madness, the Sweet 16 gets underway today and I, for one, could not be more excited about it. If you're looking for a complete breakdown of the remaining field, check out SI's power rankings to see which schools have the best chance of moving on to the Elite Eight. Here's today's viewing guide, and if you don't care about the whole basketball thing so much, (here's a ranking of the remaining mascots. And last, but certainly not least, here are cheerleader galleries of the East, West, Midwest and South Region teams.

Hot Stenographer, Hot Mic!

One of the best off-the-court stories of this year's NCAA tournament is Wisconsin's love affair with the press conference stenographers. The Badgers have broken out some seriously tough words to put the stenographers to the test, and—to their credit—they've done an excellent job keeping up. At Wednesday's press conference though, it appears that Nigel Hayes was impressed by more than just the woman's transcription abilities.

Looking To Advance Your Career?

Florida's Adam Lane says that pooping his pants on national television helped a lot.

Lovely Lady of the Day

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, today's LLOD honors go to the incredible Elizabeth Hurley. The actress is set to turn 50 (FIFTY!) this year but you'd never know it if it weren't for Wikipedia. She has a new show on E! called 'The Royals,' in which she plays the Queen of England and, more importantly, wears not a lot of clothing. (Click here for full-sized gallery.)


The Lab at Bleacher Report just published a pretty amazing visual piece called Transcend, which takes a look at moments in sports that changed the game forever. It's absolutely gorgeous and is worth checking out for the artwork alone.

Messi Gets Dwarfed

Lionel Messi, 5'7", got to meet Gheorghe Muresan, 7'7", at Wednesday night's Wizards game. The resulting photo was pretty hilarious.

David vs. Goliath

I would not want to get in that man's way. Either of them, actually. (h/t Bleacher Report)

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SI Recommends


Joakim = Wrong Team

Joakim Noah tricked DeMar DeRozan into passing to him on the sidelines Wednesday night. Whoops!


Odds & Ends

Great news: Leah Still's cancer is officially in remission... It's not even April yet and the Best Workout Fails of 2015 collection is already tremendous... The Milwaukee Bucks have a wax statue of a security guard at their practice facility for some reason... The number of Google searches for 'what channel is TruTV' in March are hilarious. ... A German pro basketball team was saved from relegation because a Windows update took too long to download... Michigan is sending recruiting letters to players' girlfriends now?... New Era accidentally used Miami's skyline for its Jacksonville Jaguars draft day hats... I'm a big fan of Steve Nash, but this TSN graphic is a little ridiculous... Tom Coughlin is a grumpy (and hilarious) old man who hates technology... The SF Weekly defends its hiring of Jay Mariotti in despicable fashion.

When Celebrating Goes Wrong

A Mozambique futures team went so overboard with a goal celebration that play resumed while the players were still proudly dancing around. The other team netted the equalizer on a wide open net and the game ended in a tie.

NIT Brings The Madness, Too

Old Dominion hit a pretty ridiculous buzzer-beater to knock off Murray State in the NIT Wednesday.

Baby Hippos Are Good And Awesome

Just watch this thing try to swim. Day made.

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