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Here's a video of Rob Gronkowski twerking at a music festival

Rob Gronkowski's eventful offseason continued Friday at the Ultra music festival in Miami, where he twerked on stage.

If you had "music festival in Miami" in your Gronk offseason office pool, congratulations. 

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It should come as no surprise that this is the second video of Gronk twerking to surface this week. Deadspin posted a video on Thursday of Gronk twerking shirtless. While he kept his shirt on this time, he one-upped himself by doing it in front of a massive crowd.

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Gronk's fabulous offseason began in early February, when he spent the entire Super Bowl victory parade drinking various kinds of alcohol while hanging out of an amphibious vehicle.

Training camp doesn't start until July, so Gronk has plenty of time for offseason adventures.

- Dan Gartland

[via Deadspin]