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Georgetown institutes shirt swap to get students into Hoyas gear

Georgetown has instituted a point-based shirt swap to get students into Hoyas gear.

Faced with what The Washington Post has labeled an "epidemic," Georgetown has instituted a point-based shirt swap program to get students out of Syracuse and Villanova gear and into Hoyas apparel.

At the Hoyas' lacrosse doubleheader on April 11, students and other fans can exchange non-Georgetown college shirts for Georgetown T-shirts. There's a points system incentivizing fans to ditch their rival apparel for Hoyas stuff, and the traded-in shirts will be donated to the D.C. Coalition for the Homeless.

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This is a pretty fantastic idea, even without the chairty tie-in. It wouldn't be surprising to see more schools follow suit—especially if they're dealing with similar "insanity."

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"I walk around campus and I'm shocked with the stuff that [students] wear," Georgetown director of marketing Chris Grosse said to The Washington Post. "A girl in Marquette sweatpants, or a guy in a Villanova or Harvard shirt. At the gym, it's insane."

Mike Fiammetta