Former North Carolina star Kenny Smith revealed on SI Now Wednesday what he plans to do with the $200 former Tar Heels coach Dean Smith left him in his will.

By Extra Mustard
April 01, 2015

When former North Carolina coach Dean Smith left every player who earned a varsity letter under him $200 in his will, everyone wanted to know what the players would do with the money. 

Former Tar Heels star Kenny Smith was a guest on SI Now Wednesday and revealed what he plans to do with his check. 

"Well, the $200 is going a frame," Smith said. "There's twice in my life where he's actually given me a check. Once he gave it to me after I spoke at a camp. I looked at him like 'Coach, are you serious?' So I ripped that check up, honestly. This is the one I'm gonna keep. It's gonna be in a frame."

 Dean Smith deserves praise for more than just his on-court contributions

Smith added that he and a few former teammates are going to get together in Indianapolis at the Final Four for a meal and talk about what their coach taught them. That's what Dean Smith wanted to happen, Kenny Smith said.

- Dan Gartland

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